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Registrations for the Iti Exhibition & Art Sale are now open, following the tried-and-true format where Artists create a selection of small works for exhibition, to be held at Fareham Creative Space on 15th October 2022. 


Artist Registration:

Small artworks on display

A small registration fee of $20 adults (for 1-4 boards) and $5 children (1 board) applies.

Artists can collect their 20cmx20cm boards from:

Fareham Creative Space. 80 Underhill Road, Featherston. 

All work to be submitted  by the deadline September 31st 2022 to be included in the exhibition.

For enquiries and registrations, please contact:  or call 027 238 3822


A Showcase of Wairarapa Talent:

Iti will be held at Fareham Creative Space, 80 Underhill Road, Featherston on 15th October 2022 from 10am - 4pm, where cash sales and bank transfers will be taken on the day.

Just like Iti’s predecessors, Fareham Creative Space promises a showcase of Wairarapa talent, from established professional artists to first-time exhibitors. 

Iti will  feature the “cash & carry” solution, where adult works will be on sale for $150 and children's work on sale for $60. One-third of all sales will be donated to Fareham Creative Space ($50 for adults and $20 for children). This donation will help the creative space to operate and provide workshops, open studio sessions and creative events to the community.


ITI Art Sale History:

In November 2019 Featherston Community Centre with the help of a wonderful volunteer team, brought the ITI – Art Sale to life.

The event was a huge success and showcased a range of artists who were either Wairarapa residents or had a connection to the region.

A lot has changed since the last art sale and to keep the art thriving, Featherston Community Centre gifted the future of Wairarapa’s Iti Art Sale to Fareham Creative Space in 2021.


Growing Creativity:

Fareham Creative Space is a charitable organisation helping to grow creativity in Pae Tū Mokai, Featherston.

Artists are encouraged to take advantage of the 'Open Studio' sessions at Fareham Creative Space on Tuesday and Friday between 10am and 3pm, which will provide guidance, skill building and connection with the community.

These sessions will be helpful for new Artists, people who need more support or those with limited space and/or resources.


Emerging Young Artists

Fareham Creative Space is expanding ITI this year to include those under 16, to help foster creativity with young emerging artists and to provide an opportunity for all Artists in the Pae Tū Mokai Featherston and the greater Wairarapa community, to express themselves visually and take part in the exhibition.

These artworks will be hung together in the youth section of the Iti exhibition and will be on sale for $60 with $20 (one-third) going to Fareham Creative Space if sold.

Fareham Creative Space will collaborate with caregivers and schools to provide a venue and workshops to support the young artists. Interested youth will be welcomed to volunteer, curate and hang the collective work for the upcoming exhibition.







Iti exhibition and art sale registrations

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